What is the best Analog Clock Widget for Android?: Top 5

What is the best Analog Clock Widget for Android?: Top 5

1. DashClock Widget

What is the best Analog Clock Widget for Android?: Top 5 Now let’s move one step forward new clock widget app on your list is DashClock Widget. There are many options for finding widgets. While DashClock is just another available widget that is there, it is a very good widget indeed. The factor of clock worthiness is quite low in it. It is also clean, very minimal and there are a lot of factors about it which are good.  When it comes to the added extensions that are there with it, people will love this app. Other factors like call alerts, text messages, and even weather updates are there with it.

2. DIGI Clock Widget

Let’s begin our countdown with the most used widget on the Google Play store, DIGI Clock. This Widget is also more of a simple fun app. There are various options to choose from in this app. There are different options available with the given variety of colors, background display, and more added features. You can make the settings on the given system and enjoy its feat.


The Next Android widget on our list is the ‘One More Clock widget’. This can be the best possible widget available for each and every Android phone. It is fun, crazy, and very outgoing.  The app is built with franchises and has got all the necessary detailing required. One is sure to find an app that is going to go with your required tastes and preferences.  You are also allowed to get a widget locker with it. If you haven’t tried this app before then must try it now, very addictive.


Almost everyone was familiar with this click widget app, Chronus. There is the availability of this Chronus widget which has managed to adorn the given  HomeScreen for a period of months on and off. It is quite good at what has been intended to do. There is the chance of the time, battery, and all the possibilities being seen. It can go with any wallpaper of your choice and even you can customize it as well.


Minimalistic Text – This app proves to be one of the best widgets that can be available on Android period. There is the level of customizability which however can be very daunting. There is a good kind of flexibility in the widget and all the possible kinds of weather information and batter information can be found through it. It can be configured to display time, date, battery and weather information. The best part is that the layout of the widget is highly customizable through the layout editor.

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