Top 10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android in 2023

Top 10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android Smartphones in 2023

Your smartphone is your best companion when it comes to killing your boredom at alone times. In this article, we suggest you top 10 best Android apps to entertain you and refresh your mind.

#10. Ingress

This game is partly reality-based and partly virtual-world-based. It merges the two environments so beautifully, that you would feel as if you’re a part of a Sci-Fi movie. It mixes your physical location with a fictional universe offering you to take part in a global conflict, with the simple aim to protect the world.
Download Ingress for Android

#9. Talking Tom

This cat has topped the market charts ever since it was released on the Android platform. It’s a perfect pet to have on your phone. The cat repeats everything you say in a funny voice. A perfect time pass, and hilarious app for you, and your friends.
Download Talking Tom for Android

#8. PicSay

This nifty small photo editor helps you to add spices to your beautiful pictures. You can perform color corrections, distortions, and cutouts, in a simple-to-use interface. It even allows you to add clip art, and speech balloons, to your images.
Download PicSay for Android

#7. Epic Fail

With over 2000 images to view, and laugh upon, this app is surely a hilarious companion for you, and your office mates. The images are updated regularly, and you can browse them in a smooth interface.
Download Epic Fail for Android

#6. Guitar: Solo Lite

This is a great app for existing guitarists, or those learning to play guitar themselves. It allows you to play your favorite melodies, or create some new music of your own choice. It supports multiple settings to customize your playing style.
Download Guitar Solo Lite for Android

#5. Caller Id Faker

Outside the US, this app is available with the name Bluff My Call. The app allows you to fake your caller id, record calls, change your voice-over call, etc. You’re provided with only 2 minutes per call unless you purchase more minutes.
You can download the bluff my call app here:

#4. TMZ News Free

This free app gives you free updates from the entertainment industry, the latest videos, and images from It keeps you up to date on your favorite celebs and keeps on updating throughout the day.
Download TMZ for Android

#3. Pandora

Pandora gives you a self-adaptive online radio station that keeps on playing the tracks you love once you set the names of one of your favorite artists, song, comedian, etc. It creates a virtual playlist according to your taste.
Download Pandora for Android

#2. Gigbox

Gigbox is an ideal app for concert lovers that shows you the list of all upcoming concerts nearby your location. Once you’ve entered a concert, you may again use this app to share your images with other concert lovers just like you.
Download Gigbox for Android

#1- PhotoFunia

This creative app allows you to play with images the way you like. You may put your photo on billboards, or stamps, create pencil sketches, become the Monalisa, and add many other effects to your photographs. It is the best photo editing app available for your Android device and is at the top of our best entertaining apps for Android.
Download PhotoFunia for Android

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