How To Protect Your Android From Stagefright

How To Protect Your Android From Stagefright

Recently Zimperium zLabs VP of Platform Research and Exploitation, Joshua J. Drake discovered the worst Android vulnerabilities. This is the Stagefright code which is critically exposed to 95% of Androids. They found multiple remote codes can be exploited even without user interaction. The attacker only needs the mobile number, using this he can remotely execute the code by Special Media File delivered via MMS. And even the MMS could be deleted before you see it. You could only see the notification.

This can even trigger when you are asleep, and the attacker with attack and remove all the signs before you wake up, and you will remain unnoticed what happened with your devices. So it’s very important to stay protected by this.

Many of the Manufactures now know about this issue and have promised to give Security Updates. But it’s obvious that it will take time and there will be many devices that won’t get the security update. So What Should they do to protect them?

Here’s the answer for them.

Steps To: Protect Your Android From Stagefright

As Stagefright uses the MMS for its purpose, we can protect ourselves by disabling the auto fetching of MMS on the Default messaging app.

Instructions for Messaging App

1-Open your messaging app and click on the 3Dots menu and select Settings.

2-Now Scroll down and search for Multimedia (MMS) Messages and Uncheck the tick in front of Auto retrieve.

Instruction for Hangouts

1-Open the Hangouts app and swipe from the Left side of the screen to the right side to open the menu. Now Select Settings.

2-Select SMS and Uncheck the tick in Front of “Auto retrieve MMS”.

Instruction for Google Messenger

1-Open the Messenger and click on the three dots to open the menu and select Settings.

2-Select Advanced and then under MMS uncheck the tick in front of “Auto Retrieve”


To protect your Android from the vulnerability, till you get the security update..:-D


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