Boulevard Road Stretch from Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park

The Boulevard Road Stretch from Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park has been declared a “No Halt Zone”

District Magistrate(Chairman Regional Transport Authority), Srinagar asked for implementation of the Decongestion Framework To implement the Decongestion Framework, the District Administration Srinagar has declared the Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park segment of Boulevard Road as a “No Halt Zone” for vehicles.

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In this regard, an order has been issued by Chairman Regional Transport Authority (District Magistrate, Srinagar) Mohammad Aijaz Asad here stating that Boulevard road is thronged by large number of locals and tourists, especially during this season and frequent congestion is observed. The unauthorized halts of vehicles around this road have created a traffic jam, which in turn blocked the smooth passage.

As the order states, “A lot of vendors also gather on the road from Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park, which is interspersed with houseboats, businesses, hotels, and restaurants on both sides. On top of that, autos, taxis, and private cars park on the main road, which leads to traffic congestion and inconveniences for commuters and tourists.

As the order stated, the traffic congestion around this area has been a constant headache for the residents along the Boulevard road in Nishat, Shalimar, Harwan, and nearby wards/villages, and a lot of requests for mitigation have been made.

The issue has been discussed at length at the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) meeting, and it was unanimously agreed that necessary steps need to be taken to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Hence, in the interest of the general public, the Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park road segment on Boulevard Road has been declared a “No Halt Zone” for all types of vehicles, with the directive that Traffic Police and Enforcement agencies, including the District Police, make sure nothing is parked on the roadside and there are no linear stops allowed on that segment.

In accordance with the order, any violation of the instruction will result in a fine.

The Chief Executive Officer of Srinagar Smart City and the concerned Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department will make sure signage boards are posted on both sides of the road.

Owners of local businesses should help their clients park their vehicles within their business premises and keep a dedicated person to manage them.

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