4th district Indoor Rowing Championship concluded

4th district Indoor Rowing Championship concluded The 4th District Srinagar Indoor Rowing Championship 2023 ended on a high note at the impressive Indoor Sports Complex in Elahibagh. The event was attended by esteemed guests, with Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi, Chairperson of the Waqf Board, as the Chief Guest. Organized by the District Rowing Association in collaboration with J&K Rowing and Sculling Association and the J&K Sports Council, the championship saw over 250 enthusiastic boys and girls from different schools and clubs in Srinagar participate with great fervor.


Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi, in her inspiring speech, expressed her deep appreciation for the organizers and participants, especially the talented female players who showed exceptional enthusiasm throughout the championship. She assured the District Rowing Association of her full support and encouraged them to continue organizing such remarkable events in the future. Dr. Andrabi emphasized the importance of water sports activities, highlighting their inclusion in the PM Package for sports activities, as the region is blessed with abundant lakes and water bodies. She passionately called upon the youth to actively engage in water sports and proudly represent J&K in national and international competitions. Dr. Andrabi also acknowledged the unwavering support of the Honorable Lt. Governor of J&K, Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, further strengthening the cause of such initiatives.

The closing ceremony of the championship was graced by several distinguished personalities, including Tariq Ghani, President of the CCIK, Farooq Ganderbal, and other esteemed members of the CCIK. Tariq Ghani expressed his strong commitment to collaborate with the association and organize more remarkable events in the future, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and unity.


A total of 55 races took place, showcasing various disciplines of indoor rowing and witnessing the enthusiastic participation of all the contestants. Ms. Bilquis Mir, an International Player of Kayaking & Canoeing and the esteemed Director of Water Sports, highlighted the profound significance of sports activities in the daily lives of people of all ages. She wholeheartedly applauded the tremendous participation of girls in the championship, recognizing their dedication, talent, and invaluable contribution to the event. Ms. Bilquis also shared that J&K Water Sports Kayaking Canoeing Association is also organizing Canoe Carnival is being organized in Sonmarg on 23rd June 2023, aiming to promote Sonmarg’s water activities on the global stage. She further added that around 80 players from across the country are participating in the championship, out of which 4 players will be selected to represent India in this year’s Asian Games hosted by China in September. Dr. Burhan, an esteemed Social Activist and the President of the J&K Association of Rowing and Sculling expressed heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming participation of students. He reiterated JKARS’ strong commitment to discovering and nurturing hidden talent in J&K, ensuring deserving players receive the platform they deserve to flourish. Dr. Burhan emphasized the vital role such events play in safeguarding the youth from drug abuse, highlighting the significance of a healthy and active lifestyle.


The 4th District Srinagar Indoor Rowing Championship 2023 was a remarkable success, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and underscoring the paramount importance of physical activity among the youth. The District Rowing Association, J&K Rowing, and Sculling Association, and the J&K Sports Council extend their heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, esteemed guests, and generous sponsors for their unwavering support, which greatly contributed to the grandeur and success of this event.

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